Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tea Party!

We are having one of Ella's friends over after school tomorrow. What better way to spend the afternoon than with a tea party? I just whipped up a batch of shortbread, which I will cut with cookie cutters and have the girls decorate them. And I made rice crispie treats. Tomorrow I will make some mini vanilla cupcakes and decorate them with chocolate frosting. Ella's new rule for all play dates is to have a tray of fruit and raspberry yogurt dip (which is basically equal parts yogurt and cool whip... thanks to my friend Susan's mother who made this for Ava's birthday!) And since I feel the need to balance things out a bit, I will also put together a veggie tray. Who am I kidding? They are four! Veggie tray, schmeggie tray! And last but not least, tea. We just saw the Wiggles in concert last night and Dorothy the dinosaur talks a lot about rose tea. Ella is sort of fixated on that. The closest I got to that is chamomile lavender, so that is what I will serve. Hopefully the girls will have a blast. Hopefully, Ella's friend will not got home and act like a complete sugar crazed maniac! Hmmmm...

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