Thursday, July 29, 2010

Me in My New Kitchen

At my age, blurry pictures ain't all bad!

Besides being an accomplished sous chef, Ella is also a budding photographer. She snapped this of me, baking a cake in my new kitchen. We have now been in the house for 4 months but I am thankful every day to have such a wonderful space to cook in. After cooking in our Manhattan apartment, just a wee bit bigger than a postage stamp and our house in the Hollywood Hills, which had about 4' total of counter space... this feels a lot like dying and going to Heaven.

In the photo, I am wearing my MasterChef apron. It just premiered on Fox this week. I was the show's set decorator and I am really proud of all that our Art Department did. We had an insanely low budget and not much time to create a divine space. Thankfully, none of that showed up on camera and I got to watch it on HDTV. If you get a chance, tune in. It was so much fun to work on. The gals in the culinary department really kick some bootie and I learned a lot by watching them.

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