Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Paper Source Obsession

Sometimes, what you decorate with can really enhance that your or serving. Or improve the overall appeal. Table settings and flowers are classic additions to any well dressed event. But there are many other ways to make a party special. This post has nothing to do with baking but I wanted to share this, anyway.

If you have never heard of Paper Source, you are missing out. For those of us who are in love with paper, this is Heaven. We have several locations in the Los Angeles area, but recently they opened one quite near my home. (DANGER!) They inspire me in so many ways. Recently, we had a fall festival at my daughter's school and I was the chair of the event. And in charge of decorations. We had a small budget so I decided to make several arrangements out of paper and using gourds and pumpkins, rather than fresh flowers. Each arrangement cost less than $10 to make. I also found some mini hay bales at the local craft store. I used them to make table numbers. With the help of some die cut turkeys and pumpkins from Paper Source, some large printer stickers, thin bamboo sticks, some raffia and a few stalks of wheat I was able to make a simple and festive marker.

I made 6 arrangements like this, each one had a different phrase.

This greeted our guests at the sign in table.

The table numbers.

Table sponsorship cards.

We had several families sponsor tables for the event. It was important to us to let their contributions be know. So I used some paper leaves and worked them into the tablescape. The overall effect was colorful and festive. I am so happy with the way everything came together.

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