Friday, May 15, 2009

Birthday Season

Here are several highlights from our wild and crazy birthday season. Thankfully, it is coming to an end. But we certainly had a great time... ********

Hello Kitty #1: My friend Susan is my hero. A single mom who bakes her heart out and throws the most amazing parties! She made this cake, along with a bunch of cupcakes. So pink and soooooo good!********
Hello Kitty #2... Isabel's party was crazy fun, complete with a DJ and a confetti adorned dance floor. They also served bags of cotton candy, which Ella and I had a hard time resisting!********
Baxter's pirate themed party was Ella's favorite of the bunch. The cake was fantastic! The kids were practically fighting over the edible jewels... which were a brilliant way to decorate the cake, by the way!********

NOTHING compares to Bradley's birthday parties. My friend Andrea throws the most amazing bashes that I have ever been to. Each year has a theme, this year was sports. The "cake" was a giant chocolate chip cookie that she decorated herself. (She is my baking inspiration, everything she does is top notch!) They had Pie 'n Burger cook up some tasty snacks, including a buffet of crazy good pies.

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