Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ella Turns 4!

Lots of excitement around here... as birthday season is in full effect. Party after party, weekend after weekend. It is a part of life in the big city. Sort of a carry over from all of the Mommy groups that we were a part of. Now that the kids are getting older, their circle of friends is expanding and so are the number of events we must now attend each year. And we are just as much to blame, when we host our own shin dig. This year was a trifecta; three crazy, fun activities over the course of a week. We went to Disneyland with the Grandparents on Tuesday. Thursday we had a ice cream party at Ella's school. And Friday, we had a big party for all of Ella's buddies, 34 children total. Since Ella has a wheat allergy, I made her cake. And since everyone else is able to eat wheat flour, I made cupcakes for all to enjoy. Ella's cake was Cherry Chip with chocolate chips and cherry butter cream. The cupcakes were dark chocolate with orange cream cheese frosting. And cherry chip (sans chocolate chips) with cherry butter cream frosting. This is what it all looked like...

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