Sunday, August 1, 2010

Is there something in the air?

Cake has always been my favorite. But even when I have a entire cake in my possession, I rarely ever eat more than a piece or two. Today, Venus and Mercury must have aligned. I feel like a starved werewolf who just got a sniff of a meat market. What brought this on? No idea. I am not sad, nor am I hungry. I just am in the mood to eat some fluffy, buttery and sugary creation. Like some who roam the Internet in search of (think of a word that rhymes with corn) I have been spending some time looking for what I desire. And it is KILLING me! Here is what I am craving...

Doughnut Plant, NYC.

Fauchon. Sometimes fancy can be good!

Cafe Lalo. Just seeing this place makes me drool.

Cream Puffs

Lark. Their Mocha Cupcake was created by angels.

Sweet Lady Jane. If I were Superman, this would be my Kryptonite.

Madonna Inn. I had one of these almost every birthday growing up.

And that, my friends is the short list. Thank goodness for the internet and sense memory. If only it were as good as the real thing...

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