Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sometimes, plans change

I was supposed to be baking today. But alas, I have been hit hard with a nasty cold/flu bug that has held me hostage for the better part of a week. Thanks to some fabulous antibiotics, I am finally on the mend. But as I am recovering, I am staying home tonight while my husband and his friends are going to the Hollywood Bowl to see a concert. We have a box subscription for the World Music Series. Our box holds 4 people and it is always my favorite part of any summer. Usually, I make a fun dinner (sometimes with a theme) and I always bake a goodie to enjoy for dessert. I had the menu planned for tonight, lots of Italian favorites including prosciutto and melon, panzanella, roasted veggies w/Israeli cous cous and on and on. Dessert was going to include espresso cookies, lemon cupcakes and raspberry pavlova. Yes, for four people. What can I say? I tend to "go to town". And 2 of our friends are turning 40, so I was going to go a little extra crazy. Instead, I have been on strict diet of soup and popsicles. Talk about misery. If you would like to make the pavlova, seen above, here is the recipe. I hope it tastes good!

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